Meet the people who made Within happen!



After struggling with bulimia for about a year, God tugged on my heart to attempt at starting a revolution.  My hopes for Within are deeper than just an organization tagged to a bracelet.  I want this piece of jewelry to inspire women to talk. Express. Move. And simply do life with other people.  I believe that healing manifests itself in vulnerability and that we are inherently beautiful through unveiling our deepest battles.  We are human, and our struggles must never define us.  We must join hands and face this together- because what's life without a fight ;) Within has the potential to transform the way we view ourselves, appreciating our bodies for their unbelievable capabilities.  Love yourself beyond your skeleton, & GET JACKED TO WEAR THIS LOVELY ART! <3


Graphic Designer

I first heard about Within when my friend Paige contacted me asking if I wanted to help out with an organization that she wanted to start. I love the idea of Within, and I believe that it is such a great cause, so of course I decided to hop on board! I’ve always struggled with weight issues, and it would always tend to fluctuate. I used to lose weight by thinking I can’t eat as much (which is not a good diet in the long run), and I would just gain it all back by eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I dealt with stomach pains and insecurities when finally realized I was doing it all wrong. Weight should never be something to obsess over, but instead you can think of living a healthy and energized lifestyle. If you change your mindset to be healthy, you can accomplish anything! There are so many people going through this, and we want to spread the word and support through Within. We can love ourselves for who we are, and if we want to be healthier – to do it the right way! We are all beautiful, and we are here to remind you of that.


It is my hope that people will wear this bracelet with pride and inspire others to do the same. I pray it will be a constant reminder for them that they are embracing the strength within their struggle because everything we go through in life, whether it is a success or a struggle, makes us who we are and we must be grateful for all of it. I want people to know that they should not be ashamed of what they are dealing with, that they should never have to hide their pain or emotions in fear of being different. Chances are they are not so different after all. You never know, the person sitting next to you in class may need you as much as you need them.



Hello there, my name is Henry Hougen. I am a 23 year old graduate of UW La Crosse. I shot and edited a promotional video for Within. Filming for Within has showed me an aspect of this world that is a realistic yet unknown pain to me. I loved listening to people be true to themselves in front of others because that is truth, that is open and that is the way of life we were built for. To see these women grow stronger not only in their faith with God but the faith in themselves is nothing short of magnificent. This process is quiet and calming but subliminally powerful and impacting. I am doing this not only for my best friend, but for all those out there who know of and live this struggle and feel isolated and inane. I want them to know that we all have struggles in life worth living through, worth fighting for. Those that attempt to cover them and walk away from them are not living a life they have to. They can be free through believing what is within them.

& thank you to Carolyn for making our bracelets!